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  • What do custom tastings include?
    My mission is to help you find your wine palate, and make it your own. My customized tastings make it fun to learn how to assess and enjoy wine, bringing the basics of wine tasting on site to you (boardroom, clubroom, dining room, etc.). ... and make it fun! My tastings are great for team building and my goal is that your group leaves armed with some great wine knowledge and the kind of camaraderie that only grape adventures can bring! The standard Wine Tasting includes a quick introduction to wine: how it is grown, made and aged; a tasting components exercise; a horizontal tasting to teach the basics of tasting and assessment, and a competitive team blind tasting – all of course accompanied by our signature tarts. Are tastings in person or virtual? Either! I can ship wine to you if it is virtual.
  • How many people can attend a tasting?
    The minimum is twelve people, but I am happy to provide tastings for up to 75.
  • What credentials do you hold? Are you a sommelier?
    My most important wine credential is a love of wine and everything that that glass of grape juice represents – history, culture, people, earth, sky and deliciousness – as well as an ongoing desire to share the joy of wine discovery with others and a ‘no-snobs allowed’ approach. In addition, I hold the highly respected Diploma in Wine and Spirits from the Wine and Spirits Educational Trust, a hard-won certification that includes both academic and blind-tasting achievements, and that is held by less than 9,500 people worldwide. I am also a graduate of the professional baking program at the New School of Cooking. I believe that no matter how high a credential one holds in wine, there is always more to learn and they continue their education both in practice and in the classroom. Melanie also holds a French Wine Scholar with Honors certification from the French Wine Society and is currently studying for her Spanish Wine Scholar and Master of Loire certifications. Melanie is also one of the team who launched (in 2011) and stages the renowned Garagiste Wine Festival, dubbed “one of wine's best parties the Los Angeles Times, three times a year and has helped connected over 500 artisan winemakers with tens of thousands wine lovers and millions more through national/international media attention. Melanie ia also a wine bloggers and a member of the Los Angeles Wine Writers Group.
  • How much do tastings cost? Can I choose the wines for the session?
    Tasting fees range from $50 to $150 a person depending on the length of the tasting, number of attendees, and each client’s specific needs. Wine is billed separately and customized to your budget, but on average, wine costs are about $20 a person.
  • Do you do series tastings?
    Melanie Webber Wine offers a progressive schedule of tastings for those who are interested, building on the growing wine knowledge of the group.
  • Where are tastings held? How can I book?
    At home and corporate tastings: I will bring the experience to you at your location and can also do them virtually. Simply call or email I need 30 days advance notice to schedule a tasting. WSET Level 1, 2, and 3 Award in Wines, WSG Spanish Wine Scholar, WSG French Wine Scholar, WSG Spanish Wine Essentials and WSG French Wine Essentials certification courses are held in the Central Coast at Broken Earth Winery, 1650 Ramada Dr, Paso Robles, CA and in Asheville, North Carolina at Asheville School of Wine, Reynolds Village, Asheville, NC (at Metro Wines).
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